About Prowl House

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Prowl House is a platform for arts and creative thinking about wizdom, activism and independence. Since 2013 we’ve been exploring what it means to be human in the post-net age. Over this time we published two internationally distributed periodicals to much acclaim, ran totally one-of-a-kind events across the UK based on connectivity and collaboration, and released two lines of clothing which were featured across the UK and US press.

We want people to feel good about being humans, in a system that tries to make us feel so small and afraid. For people to recognise the great human potential for evolution. To use art as a vehicle for change. To value mind independence over the hive. To be active for personal and communal liberation. We invite people to come together through collaborations to birth the future between us. Bring your poetry, illustrations, photography, performances and philosophies so we may open conversations that lead to movements.


March 8th, International Womyn’s Day @ The Ace Hotel, London

Salena Godden, Joelle Taylor, Greta Bellamacina and Lisa Luxx share poetry on being woman. Plus femoji artist, Jo Ratcliffe, brings feminist colouring in and badass stickers to take home.

6.30 – 8pm. Free, with RSVP.

Details here.