My sister, we have not lost, for we have found each other. The transparency we’ve been given, to see where our society is at, is the tool we’ll use for progression. We have lived for so long in a male environment that just doesn’t suit us – an environment based on competition, dominance and control. Each of those qualities served a purpose in the evolution of humankind but the next evolutionary step is pressing against our toes and this will be a decidedly more feminine moment in our history. What comes naturally to us is community, compassion and nurturing. And, an uprising only works on the foundation of many coming together.

We have no choice but to become mothers. Mothers of our energetic triumphant future. Woman is the creator; Mama Nature gave us life and now it’s time to repay her. This is our supreme parent saying ‘come back to me. Remember I don’t just hold you, feed you and watch you grow but I am you and you are me; resilient, bountiful and wise beyond belief’. What we create is up to us, whether it be children, art or revolution.

The warriors of Standing Rock know that women are the leaders and the men are the support role. Why are witches having such a moment in the media the same year that political systems in the Western power countries are shattering under the bass clef of dis-ease? Because, it’s time for man-made authority to move over. My sisters are about to start calling in the elements, my sisters are the ones shouting BRING. IT. ON. My sisters are what comes through the cracks when the system breaks. You’ll find yourself at many rallies now, or sharing dishes at your comrades house, you’ll find yourself nodding to other women in the street, a knowing nod that says you are with me.

The rooms you’ll be in won’t just be occupied by the fired up sistren, there will also be women who are so deep in their own healing process that they cannot, overtly, offer their bounty of energy to the fight. But their presence is just as important and I vow to make them feel just as much a part of things as the woman on the megaphone, brandishing a proverbial blowtorch. Because a woman healing herself is allowed. In solo healing we also heal the wounds of womanhood and we must hold space for one another in turn as we each take our dance with the rhythms we are bound to. Actually, we are not bound to the rhythm, we are the rhythm. We are movement. We are the tide. And as a human being have you ever stood by the ocean side and marveled at the magnificent insignificance you feel as the sea pulls in and out of an endless supply of herself? She represents the source of you.

I have fought alone for many years but now I find place in the sisterhood. And my activism is so much stronger for it. We have made a place for you too. Where women who innately love you are holding space, creating, standing up, rising, fighting, dreaming and loving. We’re ready to embrace you when you’re ready to be embraced.

Author: Lisa Luxx of Prowlhouse
Image: Laura Rewilding