Nadia Violet’s of The Psychedelic Society writes how to journey into the psychedelic realm, safely, through this series of poems. Including learning about the drugs and letting go of judgement, being present, finding your psychedelic family, reflecting on what you’ve learnt and building a community through the absolute magic of it all.


Introducing Sparkly Sweets

I heard such bad bad things about drugs
all drugs. I was anti-drugs to the core
then I met you.

Prevailing drug metaphors
reflect conventional dogma.
It only positions drugs and drug users as
all sick and all evil, all stigmatised substances as
D e v a s t a t i n g .

“She’s a wreckhead mate!”
& you know – that ain’t always a bad thing.
I need to get twisted to see straight.

Psychedelics in particular
deflate our over inflated Egos
so we can ‘Be’ in some coherency

A precious tool
in this Fucking Fucked culture
which exacerbates my
self-consumed anxiety &
crippling depressions.

Psychedelics transcend this.
They allow us to cross the boundaries
Into the ‘Borderlands’.
problematizing invulnerability

The negative narrative
on drugs / druggys – does not suit.
It is not complex enough, not intelligent enough.
It shows the state’s drug history is plagued with
prejudice, racialized histories
which influence public views on
different mental landscapes & realities.

I can see this
gorgeous bonding vibe
these are the frequencies of Our Tribe
we are tasting / making
the strongest connections.
That I can dance along to
that I belong to.

We are the ones who are
Thirsty for Knowledge

Psychedelics teach so much to their consumers:
that we do not only embody Dichotomy

negative / positive
you / me
human / nature
human / divine
it is all more than that
we are more than that.
We are all at once in ‘fact’.

& in this non-duality we learn utter humility.
To revere again, to breathe again
to be in awe and play and have fun again.
Let us indulge in the uncomfortable subconscious
it is undoubtedly necessary.

Here we know it is infinite. Love.
& isn’t that a worthwhile lesson?
I can feel the light, even in dystopia.

Learn as much as you can about psychedelics
Become your local expert
So you can advise others
& yourself
in alternative worlds.
tripping into landscapes
in knowledge & safety.


Our Psychedelic Family

In deep conversation
sparking! sparkling excitement
we stare & explore without being afraid
as we have been to the same depths…

through paralleled deaths
& rebirths.

After dancing, sometimes crawling
around the underworld
we travelled back to pour out
unconditional kindness and knowledge.

between classes at conferences
tripping in the sun together
in the grass. Laughing Love!
then we beamed back to lecture rooms
for more Twisting knowledge.

I remember you during psychedelic lectures …
from molecular biology to political theory
Blowing minds a few times.

I guess that’s what we’re here for.

         M i n d      B l o w i n ‘ .


The Psychedelic Society

& then I met Steve, a Visionary!
who founded the Psychedelic Society

seasoning psychedelic potentials
crafting and cultivating
unfathomable journeys!

This is our growing diverse community!
We provide more honest reflections
of trippyness and its implications.


Magic Making

We make our mini festivals!
co-organised, co-created
Now we are working on creating psychedelic ‘holidays’
where members of the public can meet
& legally consume psychedelics.

Where we will facilitate the most enjoyable
and expansive transformations!

Let’s help each other thrive and explore
this terrain – unchartered in our modernist culture
as we have forgotten our Ancient ways
in the aftermath of gendered genocide.
We must learn again
the Earth is calling.

Sometimes they ask what is the hurry
…we are running out of time.
for the consciousness revolution we need.
& the Earth is indeed calling
Let’s go go go!


The Foundations of Love: Meeting the Divine

I’m Tripping Balls. I never laughed so much! Red cheeks, gasping, creasing. We plonked around the wetness as one. Wet and wellied. Colourful drips, drops. Juicy crystals on our flush faces. Sharpened instinct brought such synchronicities and I fell in love with One and every one again. Harmonised senses brings peace and love, refreshing sanity in utter, and gorgeous, chaos. It was so beautifully bizzare. White orbs sparked off your fingertips as you moved through sweet sounds and I saw stars in the shadows. Such magic men and women. Sacred grace and precision danced around us. We were so infused, and fell in puddles of hugs, hysterics and unconditional love. It was divine.

Webs patterns cones intricacy and intimate delicacy balance mathematical beats dangerous safety unknown familiarity multiple realities pleasures frightening reassurances orgasmic beauty. I feel so humble. Loving radiance friendship hearts chakras each one pentagons elements rainbowsmoke sparkles vibes drones groans grown glimmering machines spinning human evolutionary potentials dance dance dancing with rage and love and spirals, all body and muscles, so sexual, so sensual. Curvy femininity, strength. Life…intriguing existence. How peculiar and what dripping beauty. Funnyness, funny faces. Splish splash colours, tons of people sploshing colours! Oily vibrations and vibes ricoshading off each other, rushing, rushin, washing, scrubbing, scraping that pain and stress and suffering away with raindrops streaming down my face in cracking humour and howling laughter. Trance. I am in trance. Transition? Transmission. Transmitten. Avec complete exhaustion, left me totally and utterly smitten.