We’re in a world where a majority of people don’t trust the society they are in, or themselves. The tarantula of capitalism is rendering us dumb to our own magnificence, we’re flies upon its cyber web of profit. The internet serves as a trap, for those who have come to utilise it as crutches on their limp through life.

We have recognised our endless potential in something we’ve built outside of ourselves: machines. By creating our ideal self in an object that can be bought and sold, upgraded and outmoded, we face the threat of giving away so much of ourselves that there will be nothing left. The biggest existential, economical and political crisis of the 21st century is: what happens when humans become redundant?

Mainstream media has largely served as toxic tap water in our thirst for an inconvenient more: more esteem, information and ‘thinspiration’. We’re offered a buffet of identical dishes, presented in different ways; what a feast for the ‘liberated’! We’re offered equality for all, once everyone is the same.

Artists have vacated the helm of opposition and change – lured away by cash money and social media validation. An artist’s response to the world around them is now dictated by viewers and buyers, rather than their own human response to stimuli. How can we – as a race of artists – continue to de-rail the wrong-doers whom hold the power in our society if we self censor, compromise integrity and bow to the censorship dictated by others?

Prowl House was built to fill the gap in the market for honesty. To document the net-generation’s counter-cultures in a record that lives outside of the mindless yakkety yakking of the oceanic Internet. To celebrate independent thought and alternative lifestyle. To give artists a place to create freely in a supportive space.

Prowl’s beliefs are that we can co-curate a positive shared reality, where we can honour conscious human behaviour. The human possibilities are limitless. The natural world has all the information, power, abundance and frivolity that we could ask for. When we support each other we become a force to be reckoned with. The best use of these vast outlets of communication are to encourage people worldwide to feel good about being the individual human they are in a collective of ideal souls.

Let’s bite back at the guilt inducing headlines that cast us off as a hopeless species. Let’s find the confidence to truly explore the galaxies that exist beyond the boundaries of mainstream thought. We need to find our own true identities, which are otherwise being distorted in the putrid glow of our class A smart phones.

We will never form relationships with advertisers that may compromise the stark naked genitalia of our articles. This means we can produce truly honest content. Firmly remaining as a non-profit organisation, many of our contributors offer their skills for non-monetary benefits. Together we can build something more valuable than the callused hands of capitalism could ever construct.

Within the creative industries is the bastard child of the recession; our independent renaissance. A generation of autonomous Catherine Wheels has sparked a shift in consciousness, or vice versa. Our relationships are formed with these artists organically. Though we continue to use web presence as a means to developing these bonds with those further afield from our geographical location.

With bravery, the people of Prowl remains truly independent, value the creative process above all else and form real working relationships and strong artistic communities which allow an escape from consumer culture. Our door is open for like-minded creative’s.

The purpose of this community is to make the most out of the human experience, a case to hang on to our hairs before they’re taken away from us by something more profitable than sensitive being. Time is spent collaborating: being expressive, exercising our mind independence and breaking oppressive rules with other open-hearted artists of this renaissance.

Create spaces where strangers can trust one another because trust is how you make a person trustworthy. Create through purpose with strong intentions. Create wild, liberated energy. Create to become more creative. Create because imagination is something the robots ain’t got yet.