The Battle Between Line and Ego, Introduction to Let’s Face It

At what point do we place ourselves under the title of Artist simply because we create, instead of creating because we exist?

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Art, for me, is like Meditation. It’s a personal search that provides undivided attention to the Intimate Self. A map that tracks the most honest reflection of my world and all the feelings that come with it.

If I was not pouring these feelings onto paper or canvas I fear that I too would be over contributing to the worlds endless supply of Facebook status’s, Tweet’s and Instagram posts; slowly loosing myself to my own Technological Projection. These projections have to this day become a vast sea of over consumed duplicates. Propped up, cropped and filtered in order to represent the simple fact that we exist. It is almost as if we are all rehearsing for a role within our own society, and everyone is living in response to the perception of a wider online audience.

With our online social ego’s gradually replacing physical reality, I feel there is no better time to roll out the Let’s Face It Project. Which is designed to not only confront the ideals of creativity and artistic status, but also pose a simple and yet challenging question…

Has your online Technological Projection pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your Intimate Self?

This project, in collaboration with Prowl House and the amazing Lisa Luxx, will now roll out on a global scale, and I would love for you all to Get Involved!

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Let’s Face It is just as much about finding yourself as it is about creating yourself. Literally. There is a certain type of battle that occurs when one creates, a battle between line and ego, and it is this battle that I am most interested in. A blank sheet of paper I consider to be way more terrifying than any camera. It will fill you with a sort of delightful horror. This freedom and it’s endless possibility is terrifying, and yet filled with the ability to Romp. Each touch will breathe you, and each mark will become a map of creative contemplation, like telling a secret. The physical connection between ones hand and the work itself holds within it the most pure form artistic integrity. Held within each and every mark is the perfect reproduction of presence in time and space. Each touch a feeling felt, and captured forever in it’s most tactile form. This type of connection is one that you create within yourself. It is a creative thread that states “I am the Artist, as well as the Art.”

Your role is simply this. To be the artist and the art.

Make Your Mark:

1) Complete two Self Portraits (without the use of technology):

One portrait depicting your Online Technological Projection & the other depicting your Intimate Self.

For many of you, your Online Technological Projection may well be the most prominent. For the wide majority this is the version of ourselves we place before the wider online audience, concerned with Ego, and only willing to show a contrived expression of our ideal self.

Where as our Intimate Self; well really this is going to be different for everyone I guess… My own version is always driven by feeling and an out pouring of pure emotion. Perhaps yours will not be figurative at all? I am excited to find out!

I know firsthand what that little voice in your head may be blurting out at this point…“But you can’t draw, you wouldn’t even know where to start…” “You’re no artist…” 

* If you are finding that voice is overpowering you try this…

Draw with your non preferred hand, or blind fold yourself.  Being in control is never ideal for creativity. In fact this project has nothing to do with being the perfect artist at all. What is a good artist anyway?

There is no formula to art. Art is simply feeling, and this is why so many find it so difficult… Because feeling is terrifying. I give you permission to be terrified!!

There are no critics, no judges and you can remain anonymous if you wish. Now, allow yourself to run ramped across the page, because each mark you make, is a little piece of you that says “This is me!”

2) Size/Orientation:

I would love to include every portrait I receive within the final body of work, and so have to be quite specific about size and material in order to accommodate everyone.

Please complete both portraits in on an A4 flat surface (21.0 x 29.7 cm) and in Portrait orientation.

3) Medium:

All mediums accepted however please refrain from sending photographs. Remember this project is reliant on your ability to trace a feeling in tactile form.

4) Other Info:

For each of your portraits please clearly label which is the Online Technological Projection and which is the Intimate Self.

Also Attach:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographical Location (Town, State and Country)

You may also wish to tell me about your experience in completing the project. Perhaps you found a new part of yourself in the process. I am also interested in what you found the most difficult? Which version of yourself was the hardest to complete? Why you chose to create in the method you did?

5) Send Your Work:

Please follow the guidelines below when scanning and sending your work.

Orientation: Portrait (21.0 x 29.7 cm)
Resolution: 300dpi
Colour: SRGB
File Type: JPG or TIFF

Attach your scanned file and send to:

6)  Due Date & The Big Picture:

Send your entries between 10th July and 30th September 2015. The final piece will be published in Prowl’s Evolve issue COMING SOON!

By taking part in the Let’s Face It project, you are here by agreeing that you are the artist as well as the art, and that you are powerful beyond measure! You are accepting that this project is about finding yourself and creating/recreating yourself and therefore accept that the journey may take you on a creative and emotional roller coaster where line will battle ego. By sending your work to you are agreeing that your work will be one of many creative threads coming together to form a whole creative consciousness, tackling the ideals of creativity and artistic status and may therefore be used as part of exhibitions, articles and/ or stories in relation to the Let’s Face It project.

Author: Korynn Morrison of Art is to Exist