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Chatting with poet and playwright Sabrina Mahfouz at Shoreditch Library. In this conversation we discuss Sabrina’s latest release, within which we talk about the UK sex industry, what it is to come from UK/Arabic heritage and the historical politics of women in football. The new book she’s just edited, The Things I Would Tell You, can be bought from here.


Hanging out with poet and filmmaker Greta Bellamacina at Keats Community Library. In this conversation we cover motherhood & creation, death & the big collapse, searching for sunlight in London and the place of the poet in the net-age. Check out Greta’s publishing house New River Press, her film The Safe House: Decline of Ideas and here’s a link to the Peace Oil Project that Greta tells us about too.

In conversation with Greta Bellamacina

NSFW – our spoken word night at The Glory

Jonny Woo: The iconic drag artist who owns The Glory, who gives us a taster of what the New York performance art and alternative drag scene was like 15 years ago.

James Ferguson: The actor and musician recites a poem about the chill out scene with the accompaniment of his accordion.

Miriam: A writer from the US promised someone in a dream they’d share this epic original essay poem about time.

Karoo Chanti: Our featured poet reads an epic story based on a play by Lorca called Yerma about a woman in St Luica, who happened to be Karoo’s mother’s best friend.

Lisa Luxx: Host and Prowl founder performs a short poem about the feeling you get when you loose your phone, from the Polyphonic Scars collection.

Bethany Rose: One of our favourite poets reads two poems, one about her twin brother and the other about why she just quit her job at a Catholic school.

Shon Faye: Writer, lawyer and comedian recites a poem made up of tweets about her problems with the white gay male community.