Guru Jagat is the cool face of LA’s Kundalini yoga scene. She  founded Ra Ma Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology and it’s fast become Venice, California’s hip home of Kundalini teachings. “The name is a mantra”, she explains, “it means sun moon. So every time someone says it they have to organise their neurology around the balancing of polarities; the feminine, the masculine.”

Does that sound more technical than you’d expect from a yogi guru in a turban? Then you don’t know the truth behind the turban! It’s a scientific technology. When you activate certain areas around the cranial reflexology points it basically creates a turbine effect in terms of neuron velocity. It can give you a wilder, esoteric experience during meditations but if it doesn’t? Don’t bother. “This is the Age of Aquarius, the age of experience – it has to be your own experience that teaches you the benefits to doing it. Don’t do it just because I tell you to do it – that’s the Piscean religious way of thinking.”

Kundalini yoga, Guru Jagat says, is the science of angles and using those angles to activate states of consciousness. Problem is, much of the new-age is populated with high price points which are making higher states of consciousness a luxury. I ask Guru Jagat what’s the deal: “One of my major messages for 2015 is to step away from the idea that being spiritual means being impoverished. In the Kundalini Yoga lineage we believe in having enough to share with others. Prosperity is a good indication you’re doing something right.”

Kundalini Yoga chart

Guru Jagat acknowledges that there are forces on this planet that want us to be addicted and obsessed with consumerism because it keeps us feeling empowered. It’s part of an agenda that keeps the human spirit under control.

That may all be changing. All our indigo readers are aware that this is a very auspicious time in human history and major things are happening on this planet. Well, the baby boomers really paved the way for indigos. “They did a lot of heavy lifting.”

The baby boomers kind of saw the ascension of this planet as a party whereas the indigos “knew what was up! We’re very brave and have a warrior energy.” Guru Jagat believes that pretty much all of the 1985 – 2000 generation have the capacity to be an indigo: “There’s a potentiality for most of them to activate the indigo grid but then when the soul gets here and realises the dharma, many numb themselves.”

“we can start to connect to intergalactic forces which have not been readily accessible”

We have a purple flame, us indigos, in the structure of our soul bodies and we paved the way for crystalline beings and the crystal grid of the planet to activate just like the baby boomers did for us. The crystal people are the next generation of souls, after the indigos. So what’s up with the crystal people? “These are interstellar to another degree. They still have to tie their shoes and shut the bathroom door but they have a whole new offering. Many crystalline souls have likely never been on this Earth before.”

The crystalline soul structure is here to raise the interstellar grid on the planet so we can start to connect to intergalactic forces which have not been readily accessible. Mad shit, innit? So basically there are “aliens” who have ascended out of war, scarcity, violence, pain and suffering into a consciousness of love, generosity and immense grace. They see the capacity and potentiality in us and they want to help.

So how can we all help lurch the momentum forward into this great ascent? That brings us back to this upcoming equinox extravaganza weekend. Equinoxes themselves, Guru Jagat explains, “are very powerful to meditate to set intentions, the spring equinox is a time for major new beginnings and a pulse of rebirth.” The new moon is a time when “we activate our intentions” and the solar eclipse is a “major momentum creator and a nurture shifter.” So if you’re going in a direction that isn’t your “highest destiny” then this is a biggie for you. Even if you need accelerating into the direction you are going in.

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This is a huge opportunity for anyone awake, or still sleeping, who wants to unleash their potential in intimacy, meditation, sex, anti-ageing and vitality.

Author: Lisa Luxx of Prowlhouse