We are built on sharing skills, resources, ideas and entertainment.


If you would like to share your point of view, a story of human experience, art work, performance skills and all that lies in-between, then don’t hesitate to e-mail us. We’re always open to new bodies joining our community, providing they have something to offer and a reason for offering it. We have found that people who don’t have a purpose and reason rarely follow through with assignments, so highlight why you want to get Prowl behind you so we can really and truly get behind you.

Venues and shops

Offer us your space and we will bring you an event like no other. Our previous symposiums, open mics, talks, parties and shows have ‘gone down in history’ and been celebrated as “I’ve never been to anything like this before”-kind-of-nights. We’ve hosted at a wide variety of spaces from galleries to members clubs to off-grid cafes and underground bars. Email us to explore our compatibility, diary and to generally get the ball rolling.


You can advertise on Prowlhouse.com providing the company is independent and your ethos is aligned with ours. There are three available types of advertising on Prowlhouse.com: Static banner, first carousel banner and secondary carousel banner. They are available on a sliding scale, tailored to your companies budget. E-mail Lisa Luxx to discuss the options.


Donate to our funds and help us produce more events, publications and cultural outlets to support the human potential movement. Your donation can start as low as £1 and be as high as £10bn… ‘Pocket change’ is subjective, after all. The money donated goes into the companies growth and progress, never into the pockets of those behind it. If you’d like to be kept in the loop on developments following your donation then e-mail Lisa Luxx and we’ll gladly become your best friends.